Buying and Selling Online

  1. When buying online, always look around the site and check for legitimate business information like addresses, phone numbers, user reviews, etc. You can also try Google searching it for other people that have had experiences with that particular site.
  2. If you enter a credit card number online, make sure the website sends your data encrypted by looking for the green SSL / HTTPS url at the top of the page.
  3. If you are unsure if the site is safe to enter credit card information, DONT.
  4. Many legitimate sites forward payment transactions through secure third party sites such as Paypal, Amazon Payments, Apple Pay, and Android Pay so they are not responsible for your sensitive payment information. This is good for you as the consumer because your personal information is stored in less and more secure places online.
  5. Local E-Commerce

  6. Free up some space at home and make some extra cash by selling your things locally via a few trusted apps like Craigslist, OfferUp, LetGo, and Wallapop.
  7. Always meet potential buyers/sellers in person, if possible, meet in a public forum like a coffee shop or gas station.
  8. NEVER attempt to wire money, ship items, receive checks in the mail, or provide any personal information to others online. Paypal is also used as a trustworthy front to send spammy fake phishing emails. These scammers are so predictable and use the same sad stories over and over, so do not fall for them.
  9. Pay particular attention to grammar, misspellings, and non-cultural phrases and language with respect to your locale; Craigslist and Ebay are crawling with people like this.
  10. Always check your items thoroughly before handing over any money to a seller.
  11. When pricing items to sell, check similar listings on various sites and price it about 25% more than you plan on letting it go for. This is because most people will attempt to negotiate a better price anyway. However, if you are not receiving any inquiries at all, you might have to lower the price after a few days or so.
  12. If you live in the El Paso / Las Cruces area, the sweet spot for most items will be $30 - $80. Less than $30 will give you way too much demand and more than $80 will eliminate much of the demand for an item. These are general numbers based on many items sold over a period of time.
  13. Be courteous to others by responding promptly to offers, showing up when you said you were, communicating often to arrange pickup, and pay what was agreed upon. This is surprisingly a big problem.
All this seems a bit overwhelming to someone that has not used the internet for buying and selling locally, but as long as you pay attention to these tips, you will be buying and selling like a pro.
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