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google photos logo If you have an Android phone, iPhone, DSLR camera, or even an old school camcorder, Google Photos is the absolute best solution for saving, archiving, and viewing your media.

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Free Unlimited backup of your photos

Every photo and video you take on your device will be automatically uploaded to Google's servers as a carbon copy backup stored forever. This backup is perfect if you lose/break your phone or if you change devices often. Upon opening Google Photos for the first time, just make sure you are using the 'High Quality (Free Unlimited Storage)' setting. By default, it will start backing up all your photos and videos when you connect to a WIFI network (to conserve mobile data) but you can override this in settings if you do not have WIFI at home. Once you see the little cloud at the top right with a checkmark, you will know that all your photos are safely backed up to the cloud.

Free Up Space on your device

After all your photos are backed up, find the setting that says 'Free Up Space' accessible from the Hamburger Menu on the top left or by tapping on the cloud with the checkmark on it. This will intelligently search your phone for all your pictures/video that are SAFELY backed up to the Google Cloud, then it will give you the option to delete these photos off your phone to free up space. Don't worry, they are SAFE, you won't even be able to tell the difference after you've deleted them off your phone, and best of all, you will still see be able to see these pictures on your phone in Google Photos as if they were never deleted. Plus, if you are freaked out about deleting your photos and want to give yourself a sanity check, log into your Google Account on another device like a laptop to verify all your photos/videos uploaded successfully.

Easy Sharing of photos and videos

select google photos Quick Share - Everyone has that problem of attempting to send that one large video or batch of photos to someone. With Google Photos, all you have to do select (long-press one image, then select others) all the photos and/or videos you want to share to someone, then click the Share (2 pronged fork button) button, then 'Get Link'. Simply paste that link into any text box like a text message or email and in an instant your friend will have access to all your selected images/videos in their original form.

Photo Albums - You can also create fully customizable photo/video albums and share them with others via a single link as well. Just tap and hold all the pics/video you would like to add to an album and click the little plus sign on the top right, then tap add to album. Shared album is an option also if you would like to have others add photos to your album. You can even edit the album to add text, locations, or change the sort order. Similarly, once this the album is ready to share, just click the little fork icon at the top and Create Link to share to others. This is great for vacations or large events like weddings where you want everyone to contribute to a single album with all the best photos in one place. For added customization, you can change this link by attaching it to a vanity website name like or This can be done easily at a domain registrar like

Don't send videos and pics over text! - Never use text message (SMS/MMS) to share media with anyone in today's world. This practice severely degrades the quality of that media and makes it almost unusable when sharing for anything except a quick view. Just use Google Photos instead! This COMPLETELY preserves the quality of the image/video you took when sharing as described here.

Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence

google machine learning and search Google Photos uses its patented machine learning algorithms (best in the business by FAR!) to categorize your photos by face, color, shape, animal, scenery, location, videos, gif, memes or many other things. Just type it into the search bar and out comes a personalized search based on your query of your own personal photos. For example, search for 'dogs', it will show you your pictures of dogs, search for 'dogs with Samantha', it will show you photos with dogs and the person you named Samantha in your photos. It does all this on its own using machine learning within the app.

Quick editing tools

Google Photos also gives you many quick options to edit photos individually. Just hit the small switches or pencil icon after selecting an image, this will allow you to crop the image, add filters, rotate it, adjust brightness, and much more. Plus you can even edit your videos like cutting it down to a smaller length or even stabilizing a shaky hand. If you want to get even more fancy with your edits in a really easy way, consider downloading the free app called Snapseed.

Sharing your photos at home

One of the biggest problems of taking photos on your smartphones is that we take so many, but rarely ever look back on them after a couple of days. Google Photos has you covered here too. Get yourself a Chromecast, a small $35 media player for your TV, adjust the Backdrop settings to show your photos from Google Photos and now you have a big screen TV photo viewer. You can also send your photos from your phone directly to your TV screen manually with the Chromecast. In addition, if you prefer the classic paper copy of your photos, Google Photos has an integrated solution for Photo Books. Just click the Photo Books link in your app or website.
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Google Photos Help

If you still need help navigating Google Photos, this help link below with get you squared away:

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